Thursday 9 October 2014

We could actually do this!

"We could actually do this" is what the class said on Thursday of week 3 when some students came up with the idea of designing and constructing our very own ki o rahi field. 

In class we have been learning how to play ki o rahi. Setting the game up takes a while so C2 students believe we should just make a permanent one at Putaruru Primary.
This page will show our progress throughout this exciting journey we are embarking on!

Welcome to our Ki o Rahi Papa Takaro. Scroll down after watching this video!

How our Kohatu came to be.

This is the Ki o Rahi Legend being acted out by C2 way back in June. The students had been reading and studying the legend then chose to act it out. They did very well directing this and completing it within a day

Term 3 Week 5 - Let's set some criteria and find a kĊhatu for our Ki o Rahi field.

Criteria for a tupu – compiled by the tupu group 20 August
A good tupu.....
  • ·         It should be about as tall as Neil
  • ·         1 meter wide
  • ·         Roundish so the ball can bounce back
  • ·         Oval shaped
  • ·         Half of it needs to be a good shape. The other half goes in the ground.

Finally, after two terms worth of visiting and art work, here are the finished pieces of art for Kyle Shadrock to turn into seven pieces of art for carving.

These pictures are fantastic! I am very proud of all the tamariki. A massive thank you to Kyle for all his hard work and patience with each artist.

Maori TV came and visited us during week 4 of term 3. We had emailed them and invited them so it was fantastic for them to come see us. 

Term 2 Week 8 - The word got out! Here is a link to information gathered by Waikato University about our Ki o Rahi Project